Iris Open Space Guide

Iris Open Space Guide


Under the new General Data Protection Regulations, we are unable to email any documents which contain personal data and accordingly, we have put in place a system called Iris OpenSpace which will be used to email documents such as letters, Accounts, Tax Return checklists, Tax Returns and other documents to you for your retrieval, review and approval. You can also exchange documents with us by going onto your Client Portal and uploading the documents.

To access these documents, you will need to register with a password by clicking on the link you receive through your email. Once this initial registration has been set up, in future you may access your documents on Iris OpenSpace through this link and follow the instructions.

How to sign and approve documents

Once we have completed your Tax Return, we will send it to you for your signature together with other relevant documents (which will require your approval) on Iris Open Space.  Please follow the instructions below to e-Approve and e-Sign your documents.


  1. Select “Approve” and a pop-out appears
  2. Click on “Approve”


  1. Select “Sign”
  2. Click on “Review Signature”, which is below “Pending Actions” on the top left side of the page. This will take you to the signature space on the document.
  3. Click on the blue “Signature” box and a pop up will appear “Apply Signature” allowing you do so in one of 3 ways,
  • Draw (using your mouse)
  • Text (using your keyboard)
  • Upload (using a pre-saved signature file)
  1. After adding your signature, click on “Sign & Apply All” which means all signatures on that document will be completed
  2. Click on “Approve” on the bottom right of the screen

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